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Rose Gold

Rose gold, (may also be referred to as red gold or pink gold), is a combination of concentrated yellow gold with a higher-than-average amount of copper. The colour is very slight and subtle. It could strengthen somewhat as years pass due to a minor yet striking, tarnished look of the copper.

This type of gold is fashioned by boosting the copper-coloured alloys that are combined with the gold alloys and lowering the silver-coloured alloys. Due to the augmented copper, it is more pink in colour. Rose gold of the 14K variety features as much concentrated gold as 14K yellow gold. (Rose gold is obtainable in 9K, 14K and 8K gold varieties).

Rose gold wedding bands run the gamut from a deep copper/red tone to a light glowing pink (depending on the mixture of metals used in the recipe of rose gold alloy).

A pale pink rose gold wedding band can be created by combining yellow gold and copper (plus silver in some recipes). The dark rose gold colours contain more copper amounts and the pale pink gold colours feature a smaller quantity of copper (and possibly silver and/or zinc, depending on the recipe).

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